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7 Things You Need to Know About Amacon in Vancouver


Navigating the dynamic real estate market of Greater Vancouver demands a keen eye for quality and potential. One name that consistently stands out in this ever-evolving landscape is Amacon—a development powerhouse with a remarkable footprint across British Columbia’s glittering metropolis. Whether you’re a seasoned realtor, prospective homebuyer, or an investor eyeing the next big opportunity, understanding Amacon’s influence on the Vancouver skyline can offer invaluable insights.

Founded with a forward-thinking vision, Amacon has steadily built a reputation for shaping sophisticated urban living spaces since its inception. With decades of experience under their belt, they have transformed entire neighbourhoods through innovative design and unwavering commitment to excellence. Dive into these “7 Things You Need to Know About Amacon in Vancouver” and discover how this renowned developer is reshaping the essence of city living while fostering vibrant communities in one of Canada’s most sought-after regions.

As we unravel these intriguing facets about Amacon, you’ll gain clarity on their legacy projects, future endeavours, and how they continually adapt to local market trends. This comprehensive guide promises not just information but also expert perspectives curated to help you make informed decisions in your real estate journey. Let’s embark on this exploration together—no matter where you stand as a buyer or investor—in an approachable yet professional manner that underscores trust and local expertise. Read on to uncover why Amacon remains a pivotal player in Greater Vancouver’s real estate narrative.

1 History of Amacon

Amacon’s journey in the real estate world began more than five decades ago. Founded in the early 1960s by prominent business figures, Amalio DeCotiis, an Italian immigrant, who started with a 3-story rental apartment building in North Vancouver that the family still owns today. The company started with a vision of transforming urban landscapes through innovative and community-focused development projects. Initially, Amacon concentrated on localized developments within Vancouver but soon expanded its reach across Greater Vancouver due to its successful and timely completions.

Over the years, Amacon has evolved significantly. What started as a small firm steadily grew into one of British Columbia’s most influential development companies. In the 1980s and 1990s, they ramped up operations to include high-rise residential buildings as well as mixed-use developments that integrated commercial spaces harmoniously with living environments. Their keen eye for location choices and design aesthetics set them apart from competitors, allowing them to foster trust among homebuyers and investors alike.

The new millennium saw Amacon diversifying further with an impressive portfolio that includes award-winning condominium complexes, townhome communities, and commercial ventures. The company’s adaptability to market changes while staying true to its core values of quality and sustainability played a pivotal role in their sustained growth. Notably, their focus on crafting properties that enrich local communities solidified their reputation in Greater Vancouver’s real estate market.

Their historical commitment to excellence has paved the way for future successes. As Amacon continues forward, it’s clear their foundation built over decades remains strong—driven by innovation, reliability, and a deep understanding of what makes neighbourhoods thrive in Greater Vancouver. For anyone considering buying or investing in this region, knowing the comprehensive history of Amacon provides essential context about why they remain a trusted name in real estate development.

Amacon Developments – Completed, Ongoing Projects & Future Plans

2 Major Completed Projects

RedBrick (Burnaby): It is an apartment development in Burnaby BC that is conveniently situated near transit, parks, schools, stores and services. It’s a 3-bedroom development with modern home appliances and fixtures. Features consist of a lounge, games room, BBQ area, balcony and exercise space. Building and construction was completed in 2015.

The Beasley (Vancouver): A high-rise property structure located in downtown Vancouver, completed in 2012. Known for its modern-day design and glamorous amenities.

Tempo (Richmond): A multi-tower residential complex with a focus on family-friendly facilities. Includes functions like a pool, fitness center, and landscaped gardens.

Parkside Village (Mississauga): A master-planned neighbourhood with numerous residential towers and townhouses. – Offers a blend of urban living with green spaces and neighbourhood facilities.

Modern Condos (Vancouver): A waterfront condo development at 1001 Harwood Street, completed in 2014, with amenities like a courtyard, children’s play area, and exercise room.

Juneau (Burnaby): 147 beautiful homes in Brentwood, inspired by galleries and designed for modern living. Enjoy top-notch amenities, luxurious finishes, and stunning architecture in a boutique setting.

PSV2 (Mississauga): It is a 42-story building with a unique design made of concrete and modern glass. It shares 30,000 square feet of amenities with PSV1. The building is located in Parkside Village.

The Towns (Mississauga): Features 68 townhouses designed with a West Coast-inspired style. These townhouses are located in Parkside Village, offering a convenient and vibrant neighbourhood for residents to enjoy.

Alaska by Amacon (Burnaby): it’s a collection of 164 high-rise and loft homes located at the gateway of Brentwood on Alaska Street. Experience boutique living in the heart of Brentwood with modern amenities and carefully curated designs.

Alaska by Amacon

In each case, these projects highlight Amacon’s commitment to quality construction and community enhancement. Their developments are meticulously planned to resonate with local culture while providing modern conveniences that elevate daily living standards. For real estate agents and prospective buyers alike, properties developed by Amacon represent not just homes or offices but vibrant pieces of well-integrated neighbourhoods poised for long-term growth and satisfaction.

3 Amacon Developer’s Ongoing Projects

Amacon currently has several noteworthy projects under construction in Greater Vancouver. A significant project underway is “Block Residences” in downtown Vancouver. This luxurious high-rise offers contemporary design coupled with sustainable living features. Expected to be completed in early 2025, Block Residences will include green building technologies like rainwater recycling systems and energy-efficient appliances, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious buyers. Additionally, its strategic location provides easy access to public transportation and urban conveniences, making it highly desirable among professionals and investors alike.

Block Residences by Amacon

Another project by Amacon is The Grant which is under construction, a contemporary development at the corner of Nanaimo and Grant in East Vancouver.

The Grant by Amacon

Vue by Amacon (West Coquitlam): Elevate your living experience with the newest addition to West Coquitlam. Choose from a selection of stunning 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condos and skyhomes. Reach new heights at Vue.

Vue by Amacon

Each of these ongoing projects showcases Amacon’s commitment to enhancing the Greater Vancouver landscape through thoughtful design and community-focused initiatives. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner interested in contemporary urban living or an investor seeking promising opportunities, these developments embody the qualities that make Amacon a respected name in real estate circles.

4 Future Plans and Developments

Years ago, Amacon continues to shape the skyline of Greater Vancouver with a visionary approach that charts the future of urban living. One of their highly anticipated projects is the mixed-use development in Burnaby’s Brentwood neighbourhood. This Amacon construction includes residential towers, retail spaces, and expansive green areas designed to create a vibrant community hub. The project promises to blend the convenience of modern living with an eco-friendly atmosphere, offering residents a perfect balance between urban amenities and natural beauty.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of Amacon’s design philosophy. Future developments are expected to incorporate cutting-edge green technologies such as solar panels, advanced water recycling systems, and green roofs. These initiatives not only reflect Amacon’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also appeal to prospective buyers who prioritize sustainability in their housing choices. For instance, one proposed project in Coquitlam aims for LEED Gold certification by integrating energy-efficient building practices and materials into its construction framework.

Innovation doesn’t stop at sustainability; Amacon is also pushing the boundaries with smart home features. Upcoming residential units will offer state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow residents to control lighting, climate settings, security cameras, and even household appliances through integrated software platforms. These tech-forward homes cater to a growing demand among buyers seeking convenience, efficiency, and enhanced quality of life.

By investing in diverse communities across Greater Vancouver while championing sustainable designs and technological advancements, Amacon underscores its long-term vision for growth and innovation. Potential investors or homebuyers looking into future properties developed by Amacon can expect homes that are not just architecturally striking but also ecologically responsible and digitally sophisticated—hallmarks of 21st-century living tailored for today’s discerning market.

5 Market Reputation

Amacon has cultivated a robust reputation in the Greater Vancouver real estate market, highly regarded by both industry professionals and residents alike. Often seen as a benchmark for quality and reliability, Amacon’s developments are synonymous with meticulous craftsmanship and functional design. Real estate agents frequently highlight their commitment to innovative architectural solutions and strategic urban planning, making their properties attractive to prospective homebuyers and seasoned investors.

Homeowners of Amacon properties often praise the company for its attention to detail and dedication to creating engaging living environments. Reviews from satisfied residents emphasize the thoughtful layouts, high-end finishes, and superior amenities that characterize Amacon homes. For instance, one resident at The Landing at Port Royal described their experience as a “paradigm of modern living,” appreciating the blend of contemporary aesthetics with practical usability. Such testimonials affirm the company’s standing among local communities.

In addition to personal endorsements, industry experts recognize Amacon’s efforts in contributing positively to neighborhood dynamics. Statements from real estate analysts note how Amacon projects enhance local infrastructure, often bringing new retail spaces, parks, and other community amenities. This holistic approach not only boosts property values but also enriches the living standards within these neighborhoods. Investors see this integrated development model as a key advantage when considering long-term returns.

While no company is without its challenges—and Amacon has faced its share—its proactive approach to problem-solving further cements its reputable stance in the market. By continually seeking feedback from stakeholders and adjusting strategies accordingly, Amacon remains adaptable and resilient amidst an ever-changing real estate landscape. For anyone looking into purchasing or investing in Greater Vancouver properties, knowing that they have such a dependable developer backing their investment adds immense value.

6 Challenges Faced by Amacon

Like any leading development company, Amacon has encountered its fair share of challenges in the dynamic and often unpredictable world of real estate. One of the prominent issues that have surfaced recently includes navigating zoning regulations within certain municipalities in Greater Vancouver. As urban areas continue to evolve, the constant modification of zoning laws can create unforeseen roadblocks for developers. Amacon has faced delays and additional costs when adjustments to their project plans are required to meet these revised municipal guidelines. For example, a planned high-rise condominium might face height restrictions or land use designations that necessitate a complete overhaul of the blueprints, significantly impacting timelines and budgets.

Financial hurdles also pose significant challenges. The fluctuations in market conditions, funding requirements, and cost of construction materials can impact project viability. During economic downturns or periods of inflation, securing reliable financing becomes tougher, affecting cash flow and project delivery schedules. Speaking from experience as a realtor closely monitoring such shifts, it’s clear how critical prudent financial management is in sustaining operations through these peaks and valleys. To mitigate such risks, Amacon employs robust financial planning techniques and leverages strategic partnerships with financial institutions to ensure liquidity remains intact even during less favorable economic climates.

Amacon has been proactive in addressing these operational challenges head-on. By engaging more deeply with local government bodies early in the planning process, they ensure smoother transitions through regulatory landscapes. These preemptive steps often include public consultations and transparent communication channels that foster community support and minimize opposition during application reviews—a crucial tactic I recommend frequently to clients facing similar hurdles. Moreover, to counteract financial obstacles, Amacon has diversified its portfolio across various asset classes including residential towers, retail spaces, and mixed-use developments which help stabilize revenue streams regardless of market conditions.

In essence, while no large-scale developer is immune to operational complications—be it regulatory changes or economic pressures—Amacon’s adaptive strategies reflect their commitment to weathering these storms effectively. This resilience not only reinforces their standing but also assures prospective buyers and investors that they are partnering with a company capable of steering projects successfully from inception to completion amidst an ever-changing landscape.

7 Contributions to Local Community

Amacon has made significant strides in giving back to the communities within Greater Vancouver. Their involvement in various community programs and initiatives is one aspect that sets them apart from other development companies. For instance, Amacon has sponsored local events such as neighbourhood clean-up days and charity runs, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility among residents. In addition, they regularly contribute to local schools and educational programs, ensuring that future generations have access to quality resources right where they live.

Moreover, Amacon’s focus on sustainable living goes hand-in-hand with its mission to improve community infrastructure. Their developments often include eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient systems, green rooftops for communal gardening, and electric vehicle charging stations. These sustainable practices not only reduce the environmental footprint but also elevate the quality of life for residents. In summary, through their dedication to community engagement and sustainable urban planning, Amacon significantly contributes to making Greater Vancouver a more cohesive and livable area for its residents.

Ultimately, these efforts underline Amacon’s philosophy: developing properties with a conscience. By consistently engaging with local residents and addressing their needs beyond mere housing solutions, Amacon establishes itself as a cornerstone of community growth in Greater Vancouver. Whether you are a prospective homebuyer or an investor looking at long-term value, understanding these contributions can provide additional peace of mind when choosing an Amacon-developed property.


Amacon’s influence in Greater Vancouver is substantial and far-reaching. From their early days to their current stature, Amacon has consistently delivered high-quality residential and commercial properties that resonate with the local communities. Their impressive portfolio of completed projects, ongoing developments, and future plans highlight a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enrichment.

For prospective buyers, investors, or realtors considering Amacon-developed properties, it’s important to remember the company’s robust market reputation and extensive track record. Despite facing some challenges over the years, Amacon has shown resilience and dedication to addressing issues transparently. As someone well-versed in the Greater Vancouver real estate market, I can assure you that choosing an Amacon property is a decision aligned with quality living spaces and sound investment opportunities. Always feel free to reach out for personalized advice or guidance on navigating your real estate journey with confidence.

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