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The Butterfly by Westbank (Move In 2023)

The Butterfly by Westbank

The Butterfly by Westbank at 1019 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC

The Butterfly by Westbank

The Butterfly, a project designed to be a part of nature, is finally ready to open up. The aim is to bring the experience of nature right into your living room. This project is a joint dream of us and architect Bing Thom and is set to launch in downtown Vancouver.

The initial idea was extraordinary: to create homes high in the sky, placed in an upright neighborhood that resembles nature. These homes are meant to feel a part of nature while also giving a sense that they belong to the buildings around them. The concept was to introduce a change that felt comfortable along with being open yet private.

The design Bing Thom presented would be a striking feature of Vancouver’s skyline. The Butterfly embodies nature’s basics – natural light, natural ventilation, and natural shapes. It offers clear views with its curved glass. It has solid, artistic concrete structures that imitate moving clouds. It has breezeways open to the sky for the sunlight and stars to peek through.

Every third floor accommodates a tree, each forming part of your indoor garden. Think of a dining table smoothly emerging from the kitchen counter, with a shape that barely touches the floor. Glass panels and semi-transparent curtains help sunlight fill your home, casting changing shadows. The pure white floors, ceilings, and glass walls erase all the structural boundaries, giving you a sense of endless space, and adding an appealing, permanent motion effect.

In collaboration with Bing Thom Architects (now known as Revery Architecture), Westbank has brought to life these high-rise homes. Bing Thom was known worldwide for his designs. Though he was from Vancouver, not many know his work or his commitment to building structures that enhance and modify the communities they belong to. We pledged to uphold this beauty, standing firm against any forces compelling us to compromise our vision and create a present to the city symbolizing our values.

Together, Westbank tried to cause a ‘butterfly effect.’ Westbank wanted to change the impossible to possible, to improve the city’s quality of life, rejuvenate a particular area of our community, restore a monument representing Vancouver’s history, and contribute to the city skyline.

The hurdles were enormous, the solutions innovative and unique. The embarking on this journey is enlightening. The impossible dream transformed into reality. The Butterfly, as beautiful, delicate, and protective as it is, has emerged.

The Butterfly by Westbank Living Room
Building Type: CondoConstruction Status: Under Construction
# of units: 331Builder(s): Westbank
# of story: 57Architect(s): Bing Thom Architects
# of Bedrooms: 1 – 3.5Website: The Butterfly
Square Footage: 548 – 2027Strata Fee: $0.67 /sf per month
Selling Status: SellingParking: TBA
Estimated Completion: Feb 2024 (Updated) Price Range: $960,000 – $7,873,900 ($3,274 /sf)
Ownership: CondominiumInterior Designer: Bing Thom Architects
Ceilings: 9′
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The Features of The Butterfly

Exterior Features:

– The Butterfly building’s outer part is made of a glossy, curved glass system with a metal frame,
– Balcony doors reach from the floor to the ceiling, making indoor and outdoor spaces blend,
– The outer wall is curved and strong and changes from one floor to the next,
– Holes filled with screens on the east and west sides of the building,
– The acoustic performance is enhanced by the mixture of an outer wall made of concrete and a shiny glass layer,
– Lobbies open to the outside are filled with plants,
– Every three floors has a special plant holder,
– Large private balconies extend the inside living spaces,
– The balcony is finished with white concrete tiles and a smooth concrete panel,
– Cuts in the base of the building show a complicated glass layout,
– The building design also focuses on being friendly to the environment.

Sustainable Design and Green Features:

– The Butterfly building excels in saving energy, water, and managing rainwater and is designed to reach LEED Gold standards,
– The outer design showcases a strong and efficient building cover,
– Open corridors with gardens provide space for meeting others while taking advantage of natural light and fresh air,
– Garbage cans and recycling bins on every floor,
– Very efficient building systems and services.

Structural Design:

– The Butterfly structure is made strong with concrete,
– A unique central structure is designed to make the building tall and slim,
– High-strength concrete with extra strong layers is used for space optimization,
– Balconies that hang in the air without supports offer a better view.

Mechanical/Electrical Design:

– A fan-coil unit paired with a four-pipe system is used for heating/cooling,
– Units that recover heat,
– Each room has air conditioning with temperature control,
– Digital thermostats,
– A master switch to cut off power,
– Linear-shaped LED lights in the corridors with plants.

Building Systems and Security:

– A lobby that is served by an Eco-concierge all day, every day.
– The entire building is controlled by an electronic system.
– There are cameras that record who comes in and out of the building 24/7.
– A special single key fob is used to get into the building electronically.
– A video phone system allows identifying and checking guests before they enter.
– Access to certain floors is limited to specific people only.


– The lobby is double in height and looks like a cozy cocoon, because of the white fabric hanging from the ceiling and walls.
– The Butterfly lobby’s pillars are coated in white plaster and the windows give a full view of a beautifully maintained courtyard.
– Our architect has specially designed a white desk for our concierge.
– We also have a uniquely designed seat to sit on.
– A white Fazioli piano, designed by our architect, sits in the middle of the lobby on a terrazzo floor with gold and silver bits for some sparkle.

Parkade (or parking garage):

– There are secure, gated entrances for cars.
– There is a room where everyone can store their bikes securely.
– If you have two or three cars, we have private garages just for you.
– You can only get to the elevator hallway with a special key fob.
– Cell phone boosters are included to make sure you have a great reception even in the garage.
– There’s an area for washing dogs and for them to relieve themselves.

Private Car Share and Bike Share:

– There are three (3) BMW cars that only The Butterfly apartment owners can use.
– There are also twelve (12) BMW bicycles that only The Butterfly apartment owners can use.


– Four elevators that are taller than most, making them exceptionally efficient.
– A system that plans elevator trips, reducing waiting time and increasing security.
– The elevator interior will have shiny metal and glass panels, indirect lights, stone floors, a TV, and built-in control buttons.
– The elevators will move faster and have better looks.
– Elevators will be quiet, smooth, and free from odd vibrations.
– They would move at a rate of 1,200 feet per minute.
– The elevators will have center-opening doors to make getting in and out more efficient.


– An outdoor courtyard, called a breezeway, in place of a traditional corridor on each floor for less environmental impact and better ventilation.
– Beautiful tree planters and green spaces throughout make it a welcoming space.
– Protection from wind on the North side of the building.
– Sections where concrete panels continue from the outside to the inside.
– Soft hidden lighting, glass walls painted white at the back, and sturdy floor tiles.
– Trash and recycling are conveniently located on each floor.

Entertainment Lounge

– All over covered with a light-colored solid hardwood floor.
– Big kitchen with all the necessary appliances and a counter-height island for socializing and dining.
– Modern lounge and dining furniture.
– A beautiful deck to increase the entertainment area.

Wellness and Aqua Centre

– A center equipped with fitness facilities, a yoga room, and a lounge.
– Hardwood floors, walls with mirrors, built-in wooden cabinets.
– Changing rooms with stone floors and walls, wooden benches, lockers, showers, and sauna with thermo wood cladding.
– A long lap pool above the podium, enclosed by efficient glass.
– Beautiful concrete structures around the pool for an aesthetic look, matching the tower exterior.
– A hot tub next to the pool deck on the bridge.

Interior Design Features

– Custom-designed home interiors by Bing Thom Architects.
– Entranceways with white doors in a metal frame with LED lights.
– Door numbers are included in the frame and have a similar metal finish as inside door hardware.
– Large matte white floors across all living spaces, white walls, and glass cladding to match kitchen cabinets.
– Exterior walls with white concrete and glass curtain wall, shaped to fit the building’s curve.
– Long, light drapery along all outside faces to fit the building’s curve.
– Blackout curtains for privacy in bedrooms.
– Efficient balcony glass/sliding doors for temperature and noise control.
– The glass wall between the living room and second bedroom allows for maximum daylight distribution and a grand appearance.

Kitchen Details:

– Custom-designed Italian kitchens.
– Kitchens feature white glass fronts, allowing them to blend with appliances.
– Drawers and doors have a soft-close feature and reveal a wooden interior when opened.
– All countertops, sinks, and backsplashes are finished in a matte white material.
– Faucets act as accent pieces, available in brushed brass (gold) or stainless steel (silver).
– Includes a stylish kitchen island with a eucalyptus wood base and a white countertop.
– The island also has a functional countertop, storage area, and built-in wine fridge.

One Bedroom Appliance Package:

– Contains a 24” fridge and freezer by Miele.
– Features a 24” Miele 4 burner gas cooktop.
– Includes a 24” slide-out hood fan by Miele with energy-saving LED lighting.
– Comes with a 24” dishwasher by Miele, with a cutlery tray and hidden control panel.
– Includes a 24” microwave/speed oven by Miele.
– It also contains a 24” Miele washer and dryer.
– Equipped with a WasteKing ½ HP Garburator.

The Butterfly by Westbank Bedrrom

Two Bedroom Appliance Package:

– Contains a bigger 30” fridge and freezer by Miele.
– Features a larger 30” Miele 4 burner gas cooktop.
– Includes a 30” slide-out hood fan by Miele.
– Also includes a Sub-Zero wine fridge.
– Equipped with a WasteKing ½ HP Garburator.

Three Bedroom Appliance Package:

– Even bigger 36” fridge and freezer by Miele.
– Includes a 36” Miele 5 burner gas cooktop and hood fan.
– Comes with a 24” Miele dishwasher, microwave/speed oven and a steam oven.
– Includes a 30” Miele convection oven.
– Equipped with a Sub-zero wine fridge and a WasteKing ½ HP Garburator.

Sub-Penthouse and Penthouse Appliance Package:

– Includes all features of the three-bedroom package.
– Plus, a built-in coffee maker and a plate warming drawer by Miele.
– Full-height wine fridge in Penthouse models.

Master Bedroom Details:

– Features white porcelain flooring with luxurious silk carpet.
– Custom bath encased in wood with brass or steel connectors.
– Dressing area with custom closet.
– Walls and floors feature Calacatta marble or porcelain.
– Contemporary fittings in brushed brass (gold) or stainless steel (silver).
– The toilet is wall-hung with a hidden tank.

Bathroom/Powder Room Details:

– Large, matte white flooring.
– Contemporary fittings in brushed brass (gold) or stainless steel (silver).
– Shower with a continuous trench drain.

Penthouse Design Features:

– Private elevator.
– Transparent glass bottom pool.
– Luxurious walk-in closets.
– White bathtubs.
– Built-in wine cooler displays.
– Access to rooftop with a pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, and lounge spaces.

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